Pregnancy Teas

*note: this is not intended to be medical advice, and this picture is bad, sorry.

One of the things that I like to suggest to pregnant mothers, is to start drinking a pregnancy tea blend. Usually starting in the second trimester.  I use a blend of Red Raspberry Leaf, Stinging Nettles, Oat Straw, Alfalfa, Dandelion Root, and Lemon Balm.

Red Raspberry Leaf (RRL) can help tone the uterus, and contains lots of vitamins like C, E, A, Bs, as well as magnesium, potassium, and all kinds of other goodies. I first learned about drinking RRL from this natural healing book I found at a thrift store. It was clearly written in the 70s. It’s full of all kinds of hoovy-groovy anecdotal advice about EVERYTHING.

Nettles are high in vitamin K. This is an EXCELLENT addition to your tea if you are planning on refusing the Vitamin K shot for your newborn. Increasing your own Vit. K will help give your baby a boost.

Oat Straw is high in calcium and magnesium. This will help with anxiety, irritability, and restlessness.

Alfalfa also contains Vitamin K, in addition to chlorophyll, and trace minerals. It’s important to increase the concentration of alfalfa during the last trimester and continue on during postpartum because it can decrease postpartum hemorrhaging, and increases your milk supply!

Dandelion Root contains calcium and iron. It’s a great addition to a tea because it aids in digestion and helps strength the liver.

Lemon Balm is calming. It can relieve irritability and insomnia.

If you are local (Upstate SC), a great place to get these herbs is at Earth Fare in Greenville. I believe they buy them from Frontier Herbs.

Mixing up a batch of Pregnancy Tea is a free service I provide for my mamas.  If you would like to buy a jar, just let me know!

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