Doula Stuff

Chances are, you know may know what a doula is-it’s why you are here. But, in case you don’t, the easy answer is: a doula is a person who joins the soon to be mother during her birthing time. A doula wipes her brow, rubs her back, fetches her drinks, gets her some ice, helps her find her voice, does what ever the mother needs to have the best birthing time she can. The literal translation of doula is “slave”; and that is exactly what we are.

Here’s what I will and won’t do as a doula:

  • I will help you come up with a birth plan;
  • I will help you find your optimal birthing position;
  • I will support you in any decision you make-even if you choose to have an epidural or have to have a cesarean;
  • I will stay until you are comfortable breastfeeding after the baby is born;
  • I will take lots of pictures for you.
  • I will not check your cervix;
  • I will not perform any medical diagnostics-I’m no midwife or OB!
  • I will not make decisions for you;
  • I will not leave your side-until you are ready for me to go.

But how much does it cost? Well, it can vary. We can work on a sliding scale or even barter services.  I guarantee you it will be worth it. Your chances of having to have a c-section go WAY down, and your breastfeeding success rates go WAY up. There is all kinds of other goodies that go on, too but let’s talk about that over a cup of coffee or tea!


Serving the Upstate, SC area (Spartanburg and surrounding areas).

p.s. I’ve realized that I never really told how I got into being a doula. The short of it, after the birth of my 2nd daughter, I realized that had certain factors been different, her birth would have most likely ended up very differently. While researching birth practices and different models of care, I realized that birth and pregnancy are my passion. Go here to read the long of it…

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